Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Update: I'm still here

So, I keep forgetting the password for my blog, maybe because I have so many accounts and other things that I have to remember that I have to change my password to the blog everytime I say to myself "Hey, you know what I should do? Write something on the blog!" Maybe that makes my accounts less likely to be hacked, somehow I doubt that. But, I can assuage myself with the thought of my forgetfulness is somehow helpful in the inter-world. So, for about the fourth or fifth time, I have changed the password, and this time I have stored it. Expect more frequent and hopefully more exciting updates!

My social life isn't that exciting, I usually just hang out around my town and see a couple of friends that I have known since before high school, but I make some trips to Virginia (exotic, I know!) to see the former college roommate or a friend of my time in Egypt. I have picked up a really expensive addiction to Carmen's Italian Ice. I am a particular fan of their Black Raspberry, Mango and Melonball, their Cherry is also very good. Other than that, I am still trying to make life plans! It feels like everyone else has their shit together except me, at least now I am working, which makes my parents a little less angry with our family situation.

I am making plans for some of the spoils from this job, like an international getaway of some sort. My friend Jenny is in Ireland and she is totally cool with people coming to visit her, I know that when I was living overseas, I would have loved for some of my friends from back home to come and visit. It was a lot different for me because my friends were in college and Egypt, in the minds of some is just a giant Muslim terrorist training camp. But, it'll be interesting to be on the other side of that experience. Plus, a lot of people have been telling me about how awesome Ireland is, and I think my parents will be happy that I have chosen to travel to a place that is not extremely dangerous or is very close to a war zone.

I do have a question for the internets: Can you smuggle cookies onto the airplane? Or, more appropriately, am I allowed to bring cookies onto an airplane? There is a reason that I am asking, I plan on taking a trip (the first one in quite some time) to Ireland after Christmas and would like to talk the haul of cookies that I make every year. I don't think that baked goods would be a national security matter, but people have gotten a little crazy about brown people on planes with bags.... so I am not planning an interrogation while traveling overseas.

Well, I have nothing else really... sorry for the lameness of this post! I promise for more awesome in the future when my life gets more exciting or more things happen.


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