Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Hot or Not?

I was reading one of my favorite blogs today, Gawker, and on the top of the main page, there was a link to some video made by the Minnesota GOP. First, I should have stopped right there because when I saw a poorly photo-shopped picture of Rosie O'Donnell's head of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed's body, it wasn't going to be anything to be taken very seriously. I was wrong! The point being made by the video was deadly serious, whether or not American politics come down to voting for the attractive person or the intelligent person (not that they are mutually exclusive)

The first message given in the video was "America: vote Republican because our women are hotter" You have to be fucking kidding me! I don't care about how hot Republicans may or may not be because voting based on personal appearance stopped happening when people stopped being teenagers, or at least that's what I thought. Listen, I get that the GOP is in the political wilderness after a trouncing in 2008, but this route that you're going isn't growing the base.

Let's get one thing straight, any partisan shill who is attractive is still a shill and their long legs, double D's or fluttering eyelashes won't block all that bullshit coming out of their mouth. Any network that calls on a pundit who relies on their good looks, limited analysis and certain talking points should be wary of their intentions because the job of a pundit is different than that of a scholar or journalist. Pundits are called to explain events through the lens of their political affiliations and/or organizational associations and they are not held to an obligation of impartiality. Time and time again, they have proven that they know so little about so much. This is not solely a Republican problem, but it seems that the GOP calls on their bench of pundits more often!
Should I watch Megyn Kelly or Fox and Friends rather than Rachel Maddow because Rachel Maddow is not conventionally "pretty"? Fuck no! The factual errors and added commentary which doesn't add to informing their viewers makes the show almost unbearable to watch. News shows should inform people about issues that are very dense and complex, not be about some icy blond that barely understands what she's reading off the teleprompter.

Back to the ad, this ad is a bunch of bullshit! Calling people that you can't attack on legitimate issues ugly is fucking childish and shows that you shouldn't be allowed to have any responsibility until you start acting like adults. Also, for a party that adheres strongly to the ideology of family values, there is quite a bit of objectification of women. The ad doesn't talk about the various qualifications of the women featured, like Michelle Malkin who is a graduate of Oberlin or Ann Coulter who has a law degree from the University of Michigan, instead, the Minnesota GOP has shown that they don't really give a shit about what these bitches have to say! They're hot and that's all that matters!

One last note about the use of an ad populum attack, having a popular TV show is nice, but if you keep pandering to visceral reactions of unstable, fearful or ignorant people, then it doesn't make you right, it makes you irresponsible. In these uncertain political and economic times, establishing straw man arguments and stoking fear over immigrants, people of color, and greater uncertainty in the future doesn't help anyone, except you and your fucking meaningless ratings. SUCK ME BILL O'REILLY!

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