Monday, September 22, 2008

Change of Season, Change of Pace

Today, at 11:44 a.m. Eastern Standard Time, the autumnal equinox happened. So, it is officially fall, and the cool breezes and crunchy leaf piles that come along with the change of the season await! Fall is one of my favourite seasons, summer being the other one, and the excitement of wearing sweaters, cuddling up in a ball underneath big comforters, and watching the treetops change from green to red, orange, and brown is bubbling inside me. But, school has dampened my spirits of enjoying all of these things that I love about fall. 

As the semester gears up to be quite a challenge, with more reading and assignments than I had anticipated, I will have to hustle and get out of my summer state of mind. The sloth, lethargy, and general laziness that I am experiencing will have to be replaced by a very focused and energetic student that I know that I can be. I am able to get some work done, but I always seem to be missing assignments or forgetting to complete some task. 

In good news, my friends are going to have an election day party. Shots for every swing state that Obama wins, and general hullabaloo. Obama `08!

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