Monday, September 15, 2008

Stat, Sarah Palin, and other craziness

I have not sent my news out on the internets for a while, and thought that I should. There is a lot of hub-bub surrounding John McCain's vice presidential nominee, Sara Palin. She looks like Tina Fey, and Ms. Fey did a very good job imitating her on Saturday Night Live. After eight years of gut checks and their disastrous results, I think that there should be "safer" choices and more aforethought. 

I am NOT being sexist. As a young woman, it scares me to see a woman who threatens to usurp rights availed to women through great sacrifice and effort. Mrs. Palin has experience as a mayor, governor, mother and wife, but I do not think that those experiences lend themselves to qualifications to become president (if required to do so) It has been revealed that John McCain has spoken, in the past that he "was not a governor for a short time, or a mayor for a short time" That means, he assumes that the relative inexperience of Mitt Romney and Mike Huckabee in those capacities do not lend themselves to qualifications for president. 

My dad says not to sweat her because she is the vice presidential candidate, but with the chance of John McCain dying while in office (assuming he gets elected) because of his on-going battle with cancer, that will put her in the hot-seat. Meh, I'm voting for Obama anyways. 

Yesterday, I had a very relaxing Sunday full of awkward conversations with my parents about my future, procrastinating, and smoking weed. But, I eventually got around to do my statistics homework, and tomorrow I'll have to read for my labour economics class. Somehow, I forget to check updates for my classes on my computer while I'm in front of it. Interesting how people can avoid work while they're on a machine that helps them with it. Yay! Class doesn't start until 12:30 tomorrow, and I get to play soccer at 6. 

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