Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Been a While

I have now realized that I have not updated my blog in about two and a half months! So, in that time, I have finished my semester and am awaiting my grades, I have bought Christmas presents for my parents, friends, and brother. Since none of them know that I have a blog, I think that I can say what I got them:

Dad- assorted teas, chocolate orange
Mom- composition book, DVD
My brother, John- Rock Em Sock Em Robots
My friend, Jen- candy, Chipotle gift card, bottle of Johnny Walker (Black Label)

See, I try to buy stuff that I like, so if they don't want it, they can give to back to me! That's kind of wrong, but I take their likes and dislikes into consideration because I actually listen and pay attention. My mom says I don't, but I really do. Tomorrow, my brother, my best friend (Joey) and I are going to the movies, I think that we're going to see The Spirit. It promises to be a ripping good movie, and it will be a lot of fun because I'll be hanging out. 

I wonder what I got for Christmas. Presents are cool, but mostly, I like getting presents for other people. The look on their faces is very satisfying, unless they don't like what you got for them, then it sucks. 

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