Saturday, January 17, 2009


I am still on vacation from college, and I am coming up to the last few classes in my undergraduate career! I just registered for the foreign service exam online, and am confused whether or not I actually am on the list... or whatever they use to know that I am interested in taking the exam. The foreign service exam seems pretty intense, perhaps I should have bought the study guide that is available on the website, how convenient. 

I am going to take some summer classes, so that I can graduate and get on with the rest of my life! It's not going to be just a few classes either, I have to take 4! Well, I should meet with my advisor to check my progress and make sure everything is alright. 

The inauguration is coming up, and as much as I would love to go and see it firsthand, DC is going to be packed and frigid. All the bridges leading into and out of the city are shut down on the day of and the days preceding the event, only available for foot traffic. Metro, which can only handle 125,000 people an hour is going to be inundated with millions of people (it is estimated) I'm going to pass on the chaos, though I have young, strong legs and a good bladder! 

I can bring snacks and be in a warm place at my house or go to my church if I want to socialize. Plus, I can see Obama close up!

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