Friday, August 15, 2008

Pizza and concrete

Hey internets

Yesterday started out well. I studied for my commercial driver's license permit test, which I did not do well on. I have to go back to re-take the exam next week. I made pizza for my brother, one of his friends, and myself. Then, on a major highway near my house, there were quite a few accidents. One car slammed into a concrete divider, it spewed concrete chunks across the highway, and I happened to drive over one of the pieces. My little Honda that lies low to the ground stood no chance against a 55 pound piece of industrial strength concrete, the radiator was lacerated by the impact of the jagged piece. Luckily, one of my brother's friends who was much calmer than I was there. We pulled over as soon as we could, and contacted his dad. I had to get my car towed back to my house, just the way to end my day. 

But, I still have dough from yesterday when I made pizza yesterday. That means that I am able to make more today. I like pizza.... a lot! The good thing is that I am safe, and that nothing too bad happened, life is good and I should try to remember that. 

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