Sunday, August 3, 2008

Back from Camp

So, I am done with this gig, being a camp counselor. It went well, everybody ended up getting close over the course of the week. In my attempt to be a "cool" counselor, I ostracized my fellow female counselor, which was not the right way to do things. I ended up getting chewed out, and in the end, we got to be closer friends. When people had to go home to their respective places across the United States, there was a lot of crying and hugging. I'm glad that all of us were able to get along and become good friends in only seven days. These types of experiences are quite amazing, and it makes me think that life can be good.

Weird thing was that I am now covered with red bumps all over my body, but nobody else (counselors, campers, staff, etc.) had them. There was a theory of bedbugs, so my roommate and I moved rooms, but then it continued. Next was the thought that I was allergic to the detergent that the sheets on the bed are washed in, either way, it sucks. Good news includes my grade from the math class, a B-. YAY! I thought that I was going to fail, some act of God must have lifted my grade to something decent... or I rocked the final exam. Either way, I have owned this class from hell. BWAHAHAHAHAHA!

Something unexpected also happened, the apartment that I was going to have with two of my friends is not coming to pass. There is only room for two tenants, so there is no room for me, sucks! Now, my parents are helping me to find a place to live near my college, so that, you know I don't have to drive 30 minutes to two and a half hours each day from my house. Other than that, I have learned that:
1. Benadryl makes me angry and confused
2. Oatmeal baths are very relaxing
3. British accents are hot
4. Soft serve ice cream is a gift from above
5. The state of Oklahoma should not be overlooked, they have contributed many things to our society
a. the shopping cart
b. musical of the same name as the state
c. Sonic, America's drive-in
d. many hot, famous people (Brad Pitt, Garth Brooks, Kristen Chenoweth, Flaming Lips, etc.)
6. I am good at math
7. Strongbow is a delicious hard cider from England

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