Tuesday, April 6, 2010


So, I saw this video on the news where there American pilots surveying Baghdad, and then saw a group of Iraqis who were supposedly carrying weapons. After they had been visible to the pilots, and it was confirmed by their superiors that they could fire, they did so and killed all eight people that were present. Little did they know, that two of the people that they killed was a Reuters reporter and his driver. Usually when you are doing reporting, you don't carry weapons, and I don't see how a camera could be mistaken for an RPG, since an RPG is over a meter long. Wikileaks is a site that challenges the kingmakers to be held accountable for actions that they may like to forget. It's a type of investigative journalism that would make Emma Goldman proud. Big ups for Julian Assanges who heads it.

OK, so I am a supporter of the US military. I don't want any sort of comment on how I don't support the troops because it's simply not the case, I do. But, this was upsetting. War has clouded their judgment, which puts Iraqis who are not involved in the insurgency in danger. Daily life does not slow down in an occupation, which is why civilian casualties are so high. There is no blame to be assigned when there is unacceptable collateral damage except on the GI. Let me make myself clear, once again, that I do support the person who fights the war, but the situation that they are put in because of war is what I object to. I am upset to see that this war has traumatized so many, and caused so much damage to bodies and to buildings.

The war does not end when a person comes back home. When the foreign troops leave, there is no clean slate where you can write a new history with. I implore people to help anyone that they know of who has been to Iraq or Afghanistan, if you think that there is a problem.

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